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The Big Freeze: Preparing your outdoor event for the British Winter

8th Dec 2017

As the UK is set to be hit by snow, strong winds and freezing temperatures this winter, it’s important that market traders and outdoor event organisers, especially in the lead up to Christmas, are fully prepared to embrace the colder weather. Even when snow does fall, it doesn’t necessarily mean an outdoor event is a write-off – with a bit of planning and preparation you can still have fun..

Here are our top tips for ensuring that bad weather doesn’t ruin the occasion.

keep warm

• Wrap up warm with thick coats, scarves and hats; that way you’ll stay nice and insulated and comfortable. For rain, pack wet weather gear such as umbrellas and waterproof clothing.
• Bring a flask with hot drinks and soups to keep hydrated and warm.
• In preparation for snow, it’s worth including blankets and a shovel for emergencies.

Choose the right equipment and accessories

• Use equipment such as a  pop up gazebo, to protect you, and make sure it is firmly secured to the ground with pegs or weightsRain gutters are a great addition, as they will not only keep the rain out but will prevent any leaks that might seep through gaps in joins, especially if you use multiple pop up gazebos. The perfect solution to keep you dry!
•  Gazebo heaters, are popular during the winter months, as they provide immediate heat to keep you and your customers warm, and can be used on virtually any parasol, marquee or pole and can also be fixed to any flat surface. These heaters are easy to transport and store away when not in use.
• Protect possessions and gear with waterproofs where possible (bin bags, plastic covers,  gazebo walls).
• Ensure décor used is weather-appropriate and can withstand wet weather conditions.

Pick your site wisely

• When pitching your pop up gazebo, choose your site wisely so you don’t get stuck in the mud by the end of the day. If possible, choose a space next to a building for protection, added warmth and access to facilities.
• If heavy rain or high winds are expected, then ensure you have a backup plan in case things need to move inside.

With some careful planning in place, you can rest easy knowing your event will be a success whatever the weather.

If you’re looking for new or additional products for your outdoor event or market, browse our array of  pop up gazebos and gazebo accessories or contact us for more information.