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Retractable Barrier A4 Sign Holder


Retractable Barrier A4 Sign Holder These sign holders are an effective way to communicate important information to visitors in areas where retractable barriers are used. The A4 size allows for clear and easily readable signage, while the clear acrylic...

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Sign Holders and VIP Rope Barriers: two essentials that define the aesthetic and practical boundaries of any event. Whether it's a sophisticated VIP gathering or a bustling public space that requires clear guidance, we have the right solutions for you.

Retractable Barrier A4 Sign Holders

Guidance has never been this sleek! Our Barrier Sign Holders are an elegant accessory to pair with retractable barriers

A4 Portrait Size


A standardised size that ensures compatibility with widely available print media.

Clear Acrylic Sign Cover


Preserving the visibility of the sign while protecting it from external elements.

Black Powder Coated Steel or Polished Stainless Steel Frames


Choose the finish that best matches your theme. Both are designed to resist wear and tear, promising a lasting aesthetic appeal.

Ease of Installation



Fits effortlessly onto any retractable barrier posts, making it a convenient addition to your setup.

VIP Rope Barriers

Create an exclusive ambiance with our VIP Rope Barriers. This premium setup ensures that elegance is never compromised.

1.5m Red Twisted Rope

Luxurious red twisted rope that sets the tone for an upscale event.


2x Brushed Stainless Steel Posts

Imparts a high-end feel, these posts are as robust as they are attractive.


Complete Set

Everything you need in one package, making setup a breeze.

Your Go-To Supplier for Event Essentials

As a leading supplier of pop up gazebos, we understand the nuances of creating successful events and public spaces. Our range of rope barriers and barrier sign holders reflects a commitment to quality, style, and practicality.

Trust us to enhance your event's appeal with these functional additions. From guiding your guests to creating an exclusive VIP experience, our products are tailored to meet diverse requirements.