Gazebo Joining Kits

Join Your Gazebos Together

Here at TFH Gazebos, you'll find a selection of gazebo joining kits, which includes gazebo rain gutters, joining brackets, joining strips, and more. If you're looking to combine two gazebos into the same pitch at a trade show or market, these will help you do just that. 

Gazebo Joining Brackets (Pair)


Gazebo Joining Brackets (Pair) These joining brackets are designed to connect two gazebos together securely. They can be easily attached to each leg of the gazebos using the included screw system. To achieve a more polished and professional look when...

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Gazebo Rain Gutters


Gazebo Rain Gutters The rain gutters are made of a durable, waterproof material that effectively channels rainwater away from the joined gazebos, preventing any leakage or pooling. They are designed to be compatible with all standard-sized gazebos,...

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Sidewall Fabric Joining Strip


Sidewall Fabric Joining Strip These fabric sidewall joining strips are designed specifically for connecting multiple gazebos together. They are compatible with our sidewall sets, ensuring a seamless and professional appearance when joining the gazebos...

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