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Pimp Your Gazebo

11th Nov 2016

Pimp Your Gazebo – How to Create an Eye-Catching Setup

If you’re lucky enough to host or attend an event in the great outdoors, a pop-up gazebo can be the perfect setup for a garden party, a great way to attract people over at events and an ideal way to protect against any unpredictable weather changes that may occur.

Creating a basic stall or setup is perfectly fit for purpose but if you take the time to go the extra mile and pimp your gazebo with decorations and accessories, you can create an amazing eye-catching scene that will impress at any party or business event.

Set Up in Beautiful Surroundings.

For those hosting a garden party large or small, choose a site with a pleasant view. Look for lots of greenery, lush plants and flowers or, if there is a particular area that has a good view of landscapes like the countryside or beach, set up there. Wherever you are hosting, there will be somewhere where your gazebo can be placed to embrace the great outdoors.

If you’re using your gazebo as part of your business stall at the likes of trade shows, you may not have much choice of beautiful surroundings, but you may still be able to choose an appealing site. At events, priorities for surroundings include being close to points of interest such as amenities like food or toilets. It doesn’t sound quite as luxurious as rolling countryside but you will find you can attract more passers-by this way. This also applies to indoor events in conference centres.

Get Decorative

Although all of the British seasons are unpredictable and require a little preparation (or at the very least a spare coat or umbrella), the following tips will help to guide you through the weather conditions you’ll commonly encounter.

Adding a little decoration can go a long way to making your gazebo look fun and comfortable at parties or professional and well put together at business events.

With decoration, you need to consider what is appropriate for your event. For parties, customising your gazebo with soft-furnished seating to bring the indoors outside, fun tableware and detailed little accessories can help to make the space more intimate and relaxed and create an informal atmosphere.

For business events, think about purchasing a branded pop-up gazebo to stand out from the crowd and bring along branded merchandise to decorate it with. Inside, create a setup that is easy for customers to navigate and help them to complete the goal you want them to. For example, if you want to sell items, make it easy for customers to browse products and speak to staff, whereas if you are there for brand awareness, make space for passers-by to come in and chat with staff.

Inject Some Colour

Where possible, add some colour to your setup. For parties, you can purchase or use vibrant throws and cushions you already own, put out colourful plates or napkins or even add hanging decorations such as bunting to bring the scene to life.

For business stalls, try to incorporate your brand colours as with the recommendations above. Whether it be a few branded accessories or tablecloths or a full coloured gazebo in your brand palette, there are plenty of options for all budgets.

Create Atmosphere with Lighting

Whether you want to create an intimate al fresco soiree or warm professional atmosphere, ambient lighting can really help to set the mood. String lights, candles and hanging lanterns set the perfect tone for a relaxed gathering whilst flexible LED cable lighting or large, battery-powered lamps or spotlights are great to brighten up any trade or expo stand.

Just ensure that your lighting isn’t too bright or distracting for guests. Generally, it is better to start with a dim setting to ensure you won’t blind anyone.

Play Some Music

If appropriate, musical accompaniment can bring an event to life. Sound equipment doesn’t need to be costly or cumbersome to transport and set up. You may already own a small set of battery-operated Bluetooth speakers, or you could purchase affordable portable ones.

Put together a playlist on your phone or any other device and control the music at the touch of button.

So get accessorising today with these easy and simple tips to pimp your gazebo to the max.

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