Gazebo Joining Accessories

Gazebo Joining Accessories

Our gazebo joining kits are designed to make it easy for you to connect two gazebos together, creating a larger covered area for your event. Whether you need extra space for your products or simply want to create a unified display area, our joining kits offer a practical solution.

One of the key components of our gazebo joining kits is the gazebo rain gutter. This specially designed gutter allows for rainwater to flow seamlessly from one gazebo to another, preventing any water leakage or pooling. It ensures that both gazebos remain dry, protecting your products and keeping your visitors comfortable.

In addition to the rain gutters, our joining kits include joining brackets and joining strips. These accessories are used to securely connect the gazebos together at their eaves. The joining brackets provide a sturdy connection point, while the joining strips join the sidewalls together.

Our gazebo joining kits are compatible with all our gazebo models and sizes.


Gazebo Joining Brackets (Pair)


Gazebo Brackets These joining brackets are designed to connect two gazebos together securely. They can be easily attached to each leg of the gazebos using the included screw system. To achieve a more polished and professional look when joining multiple...

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Gazebo Rain Gutters


Gazebo Rain Gutters The rain gutters are made of a durable, waterproof material that effectively channels rainwater away from the joined gazebos, preventing any leakage or pooling. They are designed to be compatible with all standard-sized gazebos,...

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Sidewall Fabric Joining Strip


Sidewall Fabric Joining Strip These fabric sidewall joining strips are designed specifically for connecting multiple gazebos together. They are compatible with our sidewall sets, ensuring a seamless and professional appearance when joining the gazebos...

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Joining Brackets

These gazebo joining brackets enable the connection of two gazebos of the same strength, clamping onto each leg and tightening with a screw system. Additional items like fabric joining strips and rain gutters can enhance the professional look. It's advisable to consult with the sales team to ensure compatibility if using brackets on a different provider's model.

Joining Strips

These fabric sidewall joining strips, measuring 10cm in width, are designed to connect two or more gazebos together, providing a polished finish when used with sidewall sets. Equipped with zips on either side for joining, they also feature a cutout section on the top to allow for a rain gutter attachment.

Choosing The Right Gazebo Joining Kit

When you want to expand your outdoor space and make a statement, joining gazebos together is a fantastic option. However, picking the right gazebo joining kit is crucial. Below we will explore how to choose the right kit based on gazebo type, size, and material.

Picking the Appropriate Kit Based on Gazebo Type

There are different gazebo joining kits for various gazebo types. Understanding the gazebo's structure will help you select the correct joining kit.

Pop Up Gazebos

For waterproof pop up gazebos, look for joining kits that provide flexibility and easy assembly. Additionally, consider the material of the gazebo fabric to ensure its durability and resistance to outdoor elements.

Size Matters

Size plays a significant role when selecting the appropriate gazebo joining kits. Ensure the joining kit is compatible with the size of the gazebos you want to connect. A mismatch in size can lead to instability and an unprofessional appearance.

Tips For Joining Multiple Gazebos

Joining multiple gazebos can provide a stunning and functional outdoor space. Here are some strategies and suggestions for combining gazebos.

1. Plan Ahead

Before you start joining, plan the layout and alignment of the gazebos. This preparation helps in understanding how many gazebo joining kits you’ll need and where to place them.

2. Understand the Gazebo Joint Types

Knowing the different gazebo joint types, such as corner joints and side joints, is essential. Different joint types are designed for specific functions, so understanding them can lead to a more efficient and professional-looking assembly.

3. Use Complementary Accessories

Consider using additional accessories like fabric sidewall joining strips or rain gutters to give a polished finish to the set-up.

4. Seek Professional Advice if Needed

If you’re uncertain about what joining kits or gazebo corner joints to use, don’t hesitate to consult with us. We can provide advice based on your specific gazebo type, size, and material.