Leg Weights & Anchor Kits

Steel Gazebo Leg Weights and Anchor Systems 

Gazebo leg weights are an essential accessory for anyone looking to set up a pop up gazebo or instant shelter. They provide added stability and help to secure your structure in place, especially in windy conditions. Our range of gazebo leg weights are suitable for use on both soft and hard standing surfaces, ensuring that your gazebo remains secure no matter where you set it up.

We offer a variety of options when it comes to gazebo leg weights, allowing you to choose the best option for your situation. Our weights are designed to be both durable and easy to use, ensuring that you can set up your gazebo with minimal effort.

In addition to gazebo leg weights, we also stock corkscrew stakes to further secure your gazebo. Stakes can be driven into the ground to provide additional stability.

Whether you are hosting a garden party, a market stall, or a camping trip, it is important to take preventative measures to avoid damaging your pop up gazebo. The weights are compatible with all the gazebos in our range, making it easy to find the right option for your specific needs. – read our blog on how to put up a pop up gazebo for tips and advice.




13.5kg Gazebo Steel Leg Weights (Pairs)


13.5kg Steel Gazebo Leg Weights The 13.5kg steel leg weights are a necessary accessory to ensure the stability and security of your pop up gazebo, especially when setting up on hard surfaces. They can also be used in combination with our heavy duty tie...

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Corkscrew Groundstakes (Set of 4)


Corkscrew Groundstakes (Set of 4) These stakes are compatible with all types of gazebos and can be used on various surfaces such as grass, soil, or sand.  To use the ground stakes, simply screw them into the ground at each corner of the gazebo and...

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Heavy Duty Tie Down Kit


Heavy Duty Tie Down Kit These tie down kits are specifically designed to provide extreme durability and stability for your pop up gazebos. The heavy duty corkscrew ground stakes are made to easily screw into the ground, ensuring that they remain firmly...

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Strengthening Bars


Strengthening Bars These tie down pegs provide additional stability and ensure that your gazebo stays securely in place, even in strong winds or adverse weather conditions. Our heavy duty aluminium strengthening bars are made from high-quality...

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Types Of Gazebo Anchor Systems Available

Stackable Leg Weights

The 13.5kg Steel Gazebo Leg Weights are essential for securing pop up gazebos on hard surfaces and can be used with a heavy-duty tie-down kit for soft ground. These gazebo weights are designed to slide easily over the footplate and be stacked to add additional weight. These gazebo leg weights contribute to stability and ease of setup.

Corkscrew Groundstakes

This set of 4 screw-in groundstakes is an essential accessory for securing your gazebo in various weather conditions, especially in harsh and windy weather. Approximately 40cm long, these weights are used with straps or ropes connected to each stake. Additionally, they can be utilised as Dog Tethers, with an additional loop fixed on the stake for attaching a dog lead.

Sandbag Weights

These gazebo sandbag weights offer a cheaper alternative to steel leg weights for stabilising a pop up gazebo. When filled with sand or gravel, these gazebo sand weights weigh 13-15kgs each. Suitable for hard standings where stakes can't be used, each sandbag straps to the gazebo’s legs and can be staked into the ground via an eyelet.

Tie Down Kits

The Heavy Duty Tie Down Kit is an essential accessory for restraining pop up gazebos in windy conditions. This kit includes 4 corkscrew ground stakes, each approximately 40cm long, and 4 ratchet straps, each around 4.5m x 25mm wide with an 800kg breaking strain. These stakes and straps together provide added strength to keep the gazebo securely in place.

Strengthening Bars

The heavy-duty aluminium strengthening bars add extra protection to your gazebo, ensuring stability in various weather conditions. Available in 3m, 4.5m, or 6m lengths, these bars are designed for our S50 Commercial range. Each bar includes two joining brackets for attachment to upright legs, and corner brackets if using three together, allowing flush placement to the ground. Strengthening bars can be further reinforced with heavy-duty tie-down pegs.