PVC & Half Height Sidewalls

Gazebo Side Walls

Our clear side walls for gazebos are perfect for those who want to stay protected from the elements while still enjoying the view outside. Made from durable and transparent materials, these walls provide an excellent barrier against cold winds and rain, allowing you to remain comfortable inside your gazebo. 

On the other hand, our gazebo half walls are designed to create a more professional setup for various purposes. Whether you are a caterer, vendor, or planning an event, these half walls offer a concealment feature to hide your cooking equipment or other products. You can showcase your culinary skills or merchandise without revealing the behind-the-scenes action, giving you a more polished and organized appearance.

Both our clear side walls and gazebo half walls are designed to be easy to install and remove as per your needs. They are also made from high-quality materials that are resistant to harsh weather conditions, ensuring durability and longevity. Whether you need protection from the cold and rain or wish to create a professional setup, our gazebo walls provide the perfect solution.


Gazebo Full Window Wall


Gazebo Full Window Wall Whether you're hosting a garden party or require more light, our clear side walls for gazebos enhance your experience by keeping you sheltered from the unpredictable weather. Not only do our clear side walls shield you from cold...

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Gazebo Half height side wall


Gazebo Half height side wall Our half wall solution is highly versatile and customisable. It can be integrated into any side of the gazebo, making it suitable for various setups and configurations. Whether you need it for a trade stand, catering...

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Explore Our Range Of Gazebo Side Walls

Full Window Wall

The full-size clear window wall has zips to connect multiple gazebo sides and block wind and rain. It's manufactured specifically for our gazebo models and compatibility with other suppliers' models is not guaranteed. Refer to the specification tab for the final dimensions and sizes.

Half Height Side Wall

These half wall gazebo side panels are ideal for trade stands, catering services, or temporary bars. These panels are designed to fit perfectly with the side of a gazebo. To ensure durability and stability, the panels come with an aluminium support system, which ensures that the panels stay in place and maintain their shape.

One of the key advantages of these side panels is the ease of installation. They require no tools to clamp onto the side of the gazebo. This makes it quick and hassle-free to set up the side panels, saving time and effort.

This solution offers half wall gazebo side panels for 3m, 4.5m, and 6m gazebos, perfect for trade stands, catering, or temporary bars. Panels come with an aluminium support bar to prevent sagging and require no tools to clamp to the side gazebo. Series 30 & 50 bars are 1.5m long. Branding is available for a professional look.

Additionally, these side panels offer the option for branding, allowing businesses to add their logo or promotional graphics. This creates a professional look and helps businesses stand out in crowded trade shows or event environments.

How To Attach Gazebo Side Panels

Want a pop up gazebo with sides? Attaching gazebo walls or gazebo side panels can be a simple and efficient process. The different methods for full walls and half walls are detailed below.

Full Wall Attachments Using Zips

TFH Gazebos full wall panels, including gazebo sides, come with a zipper system that allows for quick and easy installation. Here’s how you can do it:


1. Align the Zip

Start by aligning the zipper on the gazebo side panel with the corresponding zipper on the gazebo frame or adjoining wall.


2. Connect the Zip

Once aligned, carefully begin to connect the zip, ensuring that it's evenly attached all the way along.


3. Zip Up the Wall

Slide the zipper up, making sure it’s smooth and not catching on the fabric. If you're connecting more than one wall, repeat the process with the adjoining zips.


4. Secure the Base

Some models may have additional attachments at the base of the gazebo wall. Ensure that these are secured according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


5. Check for Gaps

Inspect the attachment to make sure there are no gaps. This helps in stopping wind and rain from coming through.

Half Wall Attachments Using Slide-Through Support Bars and Clamps

The half-wall side panels use a slide-through support bar and clamp system, offering a solid attachment without the need for any tools. Here's how to do it:


1. Slide the Support Bar

Each sidewall comes with an aluminium support bar that needs to be slid through a sleeve at the top of the sidewall. This helps in stopping the fabric from sagging.


2. Align with Gazebo Legs

Position the sidewall so that the support bar aligns with the two legs of the gazebo.


3. Clamp the Support Bar

Use the provided clamps to attach the support bar to the legs of the gazebo. All bars clamp easily with a simple bracket, and no tools are required.


4. Adjust as Needed

Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the gazebo side panel is taut and properly aligned with the gazebo structure.


5. Optional Customisation

Remember, these half-height sidewalls can be fully printed and branded for a professional look and brand awareness.

Customisation Options

All of our gazebo side sheets and half walls are compatible with our range of gazebos and can be printed with your branding to promote your business. For any printing needs, check out our printed gazebos page for more information.