Gazebo Guttering

Rain Gutters

The gazebo rain gutters are designed to effectively channel rainwater away from the gaps between two or more gazebos, preventing any leakage or water accumulation. These gutters are specifically tailored to fit our range of gazebos and come in various sizes to cater to different canopy dimensions.

The gutters feature two continuous Velcro strips along the longer edge, making it effortless to attach them securely to the inside of each canopy. This ensures a tight and reliable connection, preventing any gaps for rainwater to seep through.

Trust our gazebo rain gutters to provide a seamless and effective solution for combining multiple gazebos, ensuring a dry and enjoyable experience for everyone.



Gazebo Rain Gutters


Gazebo Rain Gutters The rain gutters are made of a durable, waterproof material that effectively channels rainwater away from the joined gazebos, preventing any leakage or pooling. They are designed to be compatible with all standard-sized gazebos,...

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The Benefits Of Gazebo Guttering

Gazebo guttering is a practical addition to any pop up gazebo. Many may overlook the importance of a gazebo rain gutter, but the benefits it offers make it a worthy investment. Below, we delve into the details of the advantages that can be derived from proper gazebo guttering.

Prevents Water Damage


Water damage is a serious concern for any outdoor structure. Adding gazebo guttering along the edges of the roof ensures that rainwater is collected and directed towards the outside area of the gazebo. This not only protects the roof but also prevents water damage to items placed inside. When choosing gazebo guttering, it is important to select a system that is durable, easy to maintain, and blends well with the aesthetic of the gazebo.

Keeps You Dry


A gazebo rain gutter doesn't only protect the structure itself but also enhances the comfort of those using it. Imagine enjoying gentle rain under your gazebo without the annoyance of water dripping from the edges. Proper guttering for the gazebo keeps rainwater directed away from the sides, allowing you to stay dry while enjoying the outdoors. This makes your gazebo a more appealing place to spend time, regardless of the weather.

Choosing The Right Gazebo Gutter

Selecting the right type and size of guttering for your gazebo requires careful consideration. Here's how to go about it:

1. Size of the Gazebo

The size of the guttering for the gazebo must be compatible with the size of the gazebo itself. Larger gazebos require a more robust gutter system, while smaller, pop up gazebo structures will require shorter guttering.

2. Shape of the Gazebo

The shape of your gazebo, whether it's square, rectangular, or another unique design, will influence the type of gazebo rain gutter you need. Ensure that the guttering system can accommodate the shape without hindering the design.

3. Material and Style

Consider a material that matches the colour of your gazebo perfectly and provides you with a seamless finish.