3m x 4.5m

3m x 4.5m Pop Up Gazebos

Our 3m x 4.5m mid-size pop up gazebo is a versatile and popular choice for event and exhibition professionals, market traders, and promotional stands. It offers a convenient and portable shelter option that is easy to set up and transport.

Additionally, our gazebos come in a wide variety of colours to choose from, are fully waterproof and fire rated. Furthermore, our pop-up gazebos come with up to five years of warranty, demonstrating our commitment to providing high-quality and durable products ensuring your peace of mind when purchasing your gazebo.

Can’t decide on the strength of your pop up gazebo? Take a look at our full Pop Up Gazebo Range or Pop Up Gazebo Comparison Chart for all the benefits and features of each of our frames, to ensure you choose the perfect one to suit your needs.

3m x 4.5m Leisure Pro Pop Up Gazebo


3m x 4.5m Leisure Pro Pop Up Gazebo Its easy-to-assemble design and lightweight materials make it convenient for transportation and storage, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. The gazebo's waterproof and UV-resistant canopy ensures...

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3m x 4.5m S30 Standard Pop Up Gazebo


3m x 4.5m S30 Standard Pop Up Gazebo The S30's sleek design and sturdy aluminum frame make it a durable option, capable of withstanding strong winds and rain. The gazebo is easy to set up, with a pop-up mechanism that allows for quick assembly without...

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3m x 4.5m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo


3m x 4.5m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo The S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebos have a strong and durable construction, designed to withstand various weather conditions. The larger section leg and roof bar profile provides added stability, making these...

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3m x 4.5m S42 Heavy Duty Gazebo


3m x 4.5m S42 Heavy Duty Gazebo The S42 heavy-duty gazebo is not just functional and durable but also aesthetically pleasing. It features a sleek and modern design that adds a touch of professionalism to any event or outdoor setting. Setting up the S42...

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3m x 4.5m S50 Commercial Gazebo


3m x 4.5m S50 Commercial Gazebo The S50 commercial pop up gazebo is the strongest professional shelter currently available in the market. It is designed to be used on a daily basis and can withstand heavy use without compromising on durability. The S50...

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Explore Our Range Of 3x4.5 Gazebos

Discover our versatile range of 3x4.5 gazebos, designed to cater for a myriad of outdoor occasions. From intimate gatherings to commercial events, our gazebos are engineered for strength, style, and convenience.

3m x 4.5m S30 Lite Pop Up Gazebo

The 3m x 4.5m S30 Lite Pop Up Gazebo is an ideal gazebo for clients seeking both high quality and cost-effectiveness. Its frame is constructed from hammer-coated steel, meticulously crafted from a 32mm x 32mm box-section steel leg with nylon brackets. This model serves as a perfect Garden Gazebo, offering both shade and weather protection. It’s also an excellent entry point for businesses venturing into the events industry.

3m x 4.5m S30 Standard Pop Up Gazebo

The 3x4.5m S30 Pop Up Gazebo is an affordable and sturdy choice, providing ample coverage. Its powder-coated steel frame, made from 1mm gauge box section steel with reinforced nylon brackets, ensures durability. The canopy and sidewall set, manufactured from 320g/m² close mesh polyester, offer fire retardant, 100% waterproof, and UV-rated protection.

3m x 4.5m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo

The S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo offers a stronger and heavier option compared to the S30, thanks to their larger leg and roof bar profiles. This added strength and weight provide enhanced stability, making them ideal for both domestic and commercial use. Despite being more affordable than the S42, these gazebos still deliver excellent performance.

3m x 4.5m S42 Heavy Duty Gazebo

The 3x4.5 S42 heavy-duty gazebo is specifically crafted for year-round commercial use. Its aluminium frame features a robust 42mm Octagon leg and hexagonal crossbars, ingeniously designed to ensure optimal strength and durability. This makes it an excellent option for corporate events, motorsports, caterers, and street traders.

3m x 4.5m S50 Commercial Gazebo

The S50 3x4.5 Commercial Gazebo stands out as the ultimate professional-grade commercial pop up gazebo, boasting unparalleled strength and durability. Its heavy-duty aluminium framework offers exceptional corrosion resistance alongside impressive strength. The canopy and sidewalls are manufactured from 500g/m² heavy-duty polyester PVC-coated fabric, ensuring 100% waterproof protection.

How Many People Can Fit In A 3m x 4.5m Gazebo?

Looking for different sized gazebos? A 3m x 4.5m gazebo can comfortably accommodate up to 15-20 people standing or 10-12 seated. However, the actual number may vary based on your arrangement.


Gazebo Size Seating Capacity Standing Capacity
2m x 2m & 3m x 3m 4-7 6-9
3m x 3m & 3m x 4.5m 9-12 15-18
3m x 6m 15-20 20-30
4m x 4m 11-14 24-27
4m x 6m 15-20 20-30
4m x 8m 27-30 49-52


Popular Uses For 3x4.5 Pop Up Gazebos

Pop up gazebos, especially the 3x4.5m size, are incredibly versatile and can be used for numerous purposes. These shelters combine both functionality and style, making them ideal for a variety of settings.

Garden Parties

Whether it's a birthday celebration, a family gathering, or a simple Sunday BBQ, a 3x4.5m pop up gazebo is perfect for hosting garden parties. Its generous size provides ample shade and shelter for your guests, while still allowing space for tables, chairs and decorations.

Trade Shows and Craft Fairs

Business owners and vendors can greatly benefit from the convenience and flexibility offered by a 3x4.5m gazebo. Their easy assembly and sturdy structure make these gazebos a popular choice for trade shows, craft fairs, and farmer's markets. Exhibitors can easily set up their stalls, showcase their products, and protect themselves and their merchandise from sun, wind, and rain.

Commercial Catering

For outdoor caterers, a 3x4.5m gazebo is an excellent tool. Providing enough room for cooking equipment and serving space, these gazebos also offer a professional and inviting setup for customers. They also ensure your food preparation area is protected from unpredictable weather, keeping both the staff and the food safe and dry. This makes them an essential piece of equipment for catering at outdoor weddings, corporate events, or festivals.

Workshops and Educational Sessions

The open yet sheltered space provided by a 3x4.5m gazebo is perfect for outdoor workshops or educational sessions. Whether it's a painting class, a gardening workshop, or an outdoor yoga session, these gazebos provide a comfortable and protected environment that can accommodate a good number of participants while also allowing free airflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3x4.5 gazebos good for?

The size of a 3x4.5 gazebo is perfect for hosting small gatherings or intimate outdoor events. You can set up seating arrangements, tables, and even a small buffet within the gazebo, creating a cosy and inviting space for your guests. The 3x4.5 gazebo is not only ideal for personal gatherings but also a boon for various business applications. This versatile structure can act as an attractive and functional booth for vendors at outdoor fairs, markets, and exhibitions, allowing them to showcase their products or services in an organised and sheltered space.

Are 3x4.5 pop up gazebos easy to put up?

Due to being fairly compact when folded down, 3x4.5 gazebos offer convenience and simplicity for users. These gazebos are designed to be portable, and the key feature that sets pop up gazebos apart, is their quick and straightforward assembly process.

How many people do I need to put up a 3m x 4.5m gazebo?

The minimum number of people required to put up a 3m x 4.5m gazebo is two people.

Are your 3x4.5 gazebos waterproof?

Yes - all of our pop up gazebos are 100% waterproof.

How can I join two gazebos together?

It’s very easy to join gazebos together.  We offer joining brackets, rain gutters and fabric wall joining strips to join the gazebos together, making them fully enclosed and water tight.

How long does shipping take?

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