S32 Steel Heavy Duty Gazebos

Heavy Duty Steel Gazebos


The S32 steel gazebo is the next model up from the S30 shelter and is widely used in the commercial and leisure industry. The strong frame is manufactured with 32mm box section legs adding more strength and stability making them robust enough to be used all year round. The S32 offers excellent value for money without compromising on quality and can be set up in a matter of minutes making them the perfect choice for gardens, sporting events, sports clubs, schools, and fundraisers.

Not sure if the S32 is the right pop up gazebo for you? Check out Our Range or Gazebo Comparison Chart for all the benefits and features of each of our frames, to ensure you choose the perfect one to suit your needs.

3m x 3m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo


3m x 3m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo The S32 Steel Pop Up Gazebo is an affordable option that is perfect for both commercial and consumer use. It has quickly become a best seller due to its strength and durability. This gazebo is widely used for...

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3m x 4.5m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo


3m x 4.5m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo The S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebos have a strong and durable construction, designed to withstand various weather conditions. The larger section leg and roof bar profile provides added stability, making these...

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3m x 6m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo


3m x 6m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo The S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebos are known for their strength and durability. They have a larger section leg and roof bar profile, which provides the additional stability and weight needed for enhanced strength...

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Explore Our Range Of Heavy Duty Steel Gazebos

Discover our diverse selection of sturdy and versatile heavy duty steel gazebos, specifically designed to cater for all your outdoor activities. Stronger in their structure, these gazebos promise durability and functionality in every setting.

3m x 3m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo

The 3m x 3m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo is more durable and sturdy compared to the standard S30 gazebo. It boasts larger section legs and roof bars, providing added strength and stability, making it suitable for windier weather conditions. The gazebo is made from heavy-duty waterproof fabric and comes with a wheeled carry bag, a tie-down kit, and a 2-year frame warranty.

3m x 4.5m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo

The 3m x 4.5m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo is a stronger and heavier alternative to the S30, offering added stability and durability. They are suitable for both domestic and commercial use and provide a cost-effective option compared to the S42 model. With a spacious 13.5m2 floor area, these gazebos are versatile, easy to assemble, and transport.

3m x 6m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebo

The 3m x 6m S32 Standard H/D Pop Up Gazebos is a robust alternative to the S30, offering increased strength and weight for enhanced stability. It is highly suitable for both domestic and commercial use, providing a professional-grade pop up gazebo. With a larger profile in the leg and roof bar sections, it delivers added durability.

Features & Benefits Of Heavy Duty Steel Gazebos

When choosing a gazebo, it's important to consider not just its appearance, but also its functionality and durability. Our heavy-duty steel gazebos come with several features that set them apart from others in the market. 


Our heavy-duty steel gazebos are crafted with high-grade steel, offering a significantly longer lifespan compared to gazebos made from other materials. The steel frame is designed to withstand various weather conditions, be it heavy rainfall, strong winds, or the scorching sun. This ensures that your investment doesn't wear out quickly but lasts for years. 


When anchored correctly, with their robust steel frame, our heavy-duty gazebos provide exceptional stability and are resistant to toppling or getting displaced in high winds. This means you can enjoy your outdoor events without worrying about the gazebo getting blown away or causing a safety hazard. 

Low Maintenance

Owning a gazebo shouldn't mean endless hours spent on its upkeep. One of the standout features of our heavy-duty steel gazebos is their low maintenance. Since steel is naturally resistant to rot, insects, and UV damage, it doesn't require any special care or treatments to maintain its condition. 

How To Put Up Your Heavy Duty Steel Pop Up Gazebo

Setting up your heavy duty steel pop up gazebo is a straightforward process, and with a little preparation and care, it can be done quickly and efficiently.

1. Find a Suitable Location

Choose a flat, level area to set up your gazebo. This ensures stability and ease of assembly. Make sure there are no overhead obstacles like tree branches or power lines that could interfere with the canopy.

2. Prepare the Gazebo Parts

Take out all parts of the gazebo from the package. This includes the frame, the canopy, the sidewall set and the tie down kit. Lay them out on the ground so that all elements are within reach.

3. Unfold the Frame

Start by standing the folded frame upright and slowly pulling apart the legs of the frame. It is best to do this step with two people, each pulling from opposite sides of the gazebo frame to ensure even expansion.

4. Attach the Canopy

While the frame is still partially folded, it's easier to attach the canopy. Find the top centre of the canopy and align it with the top centre of the frame. Attach the canopy to the frame at each corner using the Velcro strips at the top of each leg.

5. Extend the Frame and Legs

Once the canopy is secured, proceed to fully extend the frame. After that, adjust the legs of the gazebo to your preferred height using the pull pin system for easy height adjustment.

6. Secure the Gazebo

With the frame fully extended and the canopy attached, it's time to secure the gazebo.With the gazebo feet firmly in position use the supplied pegs and straps to secure it. The straps should be fixed diagonally from each corner, and the pegs should be driven into the ground at an angle for the best stability. 

7. Final Check

Walk around the gazebo to ensure it's secure and the canopy is taut. If necessary, adjust the straps and the pegs for maximum stability.

For more assistance, check out this guide on how to put up your pop up gazebo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good uses for heavy duty steel gazebos?

Heavy-duty steel gazebos are robust and sturdy structures that offer a wide range of uses in different contexts. Their durability and strength make them suitable for various applications, both residential and commercial.

What materials are heavy duty steel gazebos made from?

Heavy-duty steel gazebos are made from powder-coated steel frames and the roof canopy and sidewalls are made from PVC-coated polyester.

How much do heavy duty steel gazebos weigh?

The weight of heavy-duty steel gazebos can vary. They weigh between 42 kilograms to 72 kilograms depending on the size of the gazebo.

How should I clean and maintain my pop up gazebo?

Cleaning and maintaining a heavy-duty steel pop up gazebo involves regular care and attention. Make it a routine to eliminate any collected dirt and detritus, utilising a light soap solution with water and steering clear from abrasive cleaners. When your gazebo is not in active use, store it appropriately. Boost the frame's endurance by using protective treatments like WD40 or silicone spray - this aids in smoother unfolding during erection. It's essential to meticulously remove any leftover lubricant from the frame to prevent contact with the fabric.

How durable are heavy duty steel gazebos?

Heavy-duty steel gazebos are renowned for their durability and robustness. These structures are constructed with high-quality materials and engineered to withstand various environmental challenges. Their solid construction, steel frames, and weather-resistant features make them a popular choice for those seeking a durable and long-lasting outdoor shelter solution.

How do I stop my gazebo from blowing away?

Preventing a heavy-duty steel pop up gazebo from blowing away requires proper anchoring and securing methods. Utilise gazebo leg weights, ground anchors, guy ropes, straps, and other stability-enhancing accessories to ensure the gazebo remains stable and safe in windy conditions. Attach gazebo leg weights or sandbags to each leg of the gazebo. These weights add stability and prevent the gazebo from lifting off the ground. Choose weights specifically designed for gazebo legs and ensure they are securely fastened.

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