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Expert Tips on How to Store Your Gazebo in Winter

25th Nov 2016

The weather is turning as we roll into winter and with the days growing colder and shorter, for many of us it’s time to pack up our gazebos and head inside.

For those of you who only use your gazebo for garden parties and events in the summer months, it’s important to ensure that you pack up your pop-up gazebos and shelters correctly and store them well in order to give your equipment a longer life.

Traders, market stall vendors and events workers may find that this equipment is needed year round and therefore, although you may not need to store your gazebo for long periods of time, you will still need to learn the best ways to pack it up and store it so as to keep it in good condition.

Keep the Canvas Dry

This may sound like an impossible task, but it is important to attempt to pack the pop-up gazebo canvas walls and roof away when they are dry. This is especially important if you are storing the gazebo for the autumn and winter months and won’t be unpacking it again until the following year.

If you’re packing up a garden gazebo, ideally you should dismantle it and leave it out to dry in the sunshine before the weather gets worse. Alternatively, if you don’t have the luxury of choice, you can pack it up regardless of the weather conditions and, if needed, leave it out to dry overnight in a sheltered area such as a warehouse, office, or even a porch or kitchen.

Follow Instructions and Keep Bags

Hold on to your gazebo instructions and keep them in a safe place. For those of you who use your gazebo all the time, packing it up will be easy as you’ll already know the best way to fold it and store it away. For those who use pop-up gazebos less often, having an instruction manual on hand can save a lot of time and stress when it comes to the take-down.

Place all of the pegs and small additional parts back in the bags that they arrived in and fold your gazebo to fit it back into it's storage bag.

If you follow the basic instructions and use common sense, the gazebo should go in easily.

Store Appropriately

Where you choose to store your now nicely packed gazebo can be just as important as the previous two steps. The best winter home for your equipment is a cool and dry area such as a shed. This should mean your gazebo won’t get damp, grow mould or discolour.

Make space for the bag so that nothing gets squashed or ripped. This also makes accessing the gazebo the following year much easier.

So there you have it! Storing your pop up gazebo couldn’t be simpler. These tips and rules can be applied to almost all outdoor equipment, from marquees to promotional flags, and can help you to keep your equipment in top condition for longer and save money.

For more information, guidance and help with caring for your gazebo, contact us today.