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Halloween printed gazebos make for spookily good seasonal campaigns

29th Oct 2015

Seasonality is a big thing for promotional events and Halloween is a classic example of how to use what’s going on to your advantage.

Seasonal events can provide the pivot for a marketing campaign or advertising programme. You don’t even need to a product or campaign that’s closely related to the season in question.

Halloween is a great example - how many food brands knock up some spooky-looking packaging for their otherwise unchanged products? It’s not like they’re reinventing the (wagon) wheel - they’re just cramming in some extra activity around an event to tap the sales potentials.

In fact the amount of money spent around Halloween is enormous. Americans are predicted to spend nearly $7billion on Halloween sales in 2015, according to the National Retail Federation.

“We expect those celebrating Halloween this year will look for several different activities to do with their family and friends. Consumers are ready to take advantage of promotions on sweets, decorations, costumes, and of course Printed Gazebos, and we retailers are ready to serve them.”

From the marketing perspective, seasonality is really important. Consumers expect to be marketed to in a particular way - they would be aghast if there weren’t pumpkin-themed chocolate bars in the shops.

What Halloween teaches us perfectly is how there are recurring, predictable retail patterns that consumers are more than happy to conform to. Themes, colours, images and the rest don’t even need to change from year-to-year; indeed it’s the opposite of normal campaigns where you need to have some fresh designs to grab people’s attention.

When its comes to seasonal marketing, familiarity is what people crave.

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