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How to Make Your Market Stall Stand Out at Christmas

6th Dec 2019

Christmas is the most profitable period for the retail sector, especially for market traders looking to boost their revenue. Some of the most lucrative sales opportunities for SMEs at this time of the year lie at one of the UK's many Christmas markets — a sector that's worth £500 million annually ( LGA). However, even if you aren't able to attend one of these events, there is plenty of trade to capitalise on by making your regular stall as festive as possible, so it really stands out.

In this post, we're going to share some tips for making your market stall really shine this Christmas so you can enjoy a nice boost to your sales.

Make sure your market stall looks the part

When potential customers are browsing for Christmas products, they're much more likely to approach a stall that really catches their attention. And, there's no better way of doing just that than by making sure yours looks incredibly festive and welcoming.

So, what's the best way to stand out? Well, you can really capture the spirit of the season with tinsel, wreaths, fairy lights and garlands — all great choices for some traditional décor. If you are selling ornaments or gifts, you could even hang them on or position them under a tree to help your customers visualise your products as their own.

While you may be tempted to go all out and cover your stall in as many decorations as possible, it is important that any company branding is not covered or obscured by your décor. This way, you can still maintain a distinctive business presence while still enjoying some seasonal flourishes. With the right balance of decoration and branding — you'll be sure to attract attention.

A great way of getting your branding across is by investing in a Christmas-themed printed gazebo for the season. We can work with you to achieve a striking festive design to be printed onto one of our pop-up gazebos. We can also assist you with printed accessories, including banners and backdrops, pop-up banners, A-frame signs, bunting, and tablecloths to help you add those finishing touches. You may also be interested in one of our Santa's grottos that are ideal for family-oriented events — you can read more about that in a minute.

Choose festive-themed products that catch the eye

With your Christmas stall taking shape, you'll need some festive-themed products that will draw in and delight your customers. If you've never stocked up on seasonal goodies before, it's important to approach this carefully, as your success over the next few months will rest on how the products sell.

One way to get started this is to think about what your top sellers are already — can you produce a festive version? For instance, if you sell craft pillows, is it possible to create some with a Christmas design? If not, is it possible to stock up on a similar product that has a seasonal theme to it so you can capture that attention? Or, if you specialise in selling delicious baked goodies, are there any ways to give them a seasonal twist, such as creating a festive flavour, like cinnamon, peppermint, or gingerbread? If you can add Christmas angle, you'll be sure to capture more attention.

Promote yourself on social media

When it comes to promoting your stall, gone are the days of setting up and hoping that people show up — you need to create a social media presence and use it to your advantage. By creating a page for your business on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can keep people up to date with your latest products, as well as where and when you will be setting up shop.

Be sure to display any social media handles or website addresses on your promotional materials, like business cards and flyers, so people know where to find you online — they may even pick them up and order from you later. You may also want to include these details on your printed gazebo and accessories so that they're unmissable.

Offer a unique experience

If you really want your Christmas stall to stand out in the crowded marketplace, you should consider offering a unique experience in addition to your product offering. This could be something as simple as providing your customers with free samples of your delicious festive food products, or something more elaborate, like getting your team dressed up in Victorian costumes to sell traditional crafts.

One idea that we really like for child-focused events is offering a Santa's grotto experience alongside your market stall. Kids love visiting Saint Nick, and you'll find that parents are likely to warm to your business if you can deliver a magical experience to their little one. The easiest way to put something like this together in time for Christmas is to order one of our fantastic pop-up Santa's grottos, which we can turn around in just 7 days.

In addition, consider adding a few festive props — such as candy canes, presents, Instagram photo frames or elf dress up — to the mix to really make your grotto a photo-worthy experience. Doing so will make it much more likely that parents will take some nice snaps and upload them to social media, which will bring some well-deserved exposure to your stall.

Hopefully the advice here will help you prepare your stall so that you're in the best position to attract those Christmas crowds. Need advice on creating the perfect printed gazebo or promotional accessory? Be sure to get in touch. Keep an eye on this blog for further event and branding ideas, too!