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Spring is in the air!

17th Mar 2014

BBQ's & Pop Up Gazebos

Spring is in the air: is it too early to get the BBQ out?

A flurry or two of snow aside, winter is officially over and spring is here. While it’s not exactly balmy just yet, the weather has turned that bit sunnier. The daffodils are in full bloom, Easter is not far off and it’s no longer dark when you leave the office.

It all begs the perennial question: is it too early to get the barbeque out? Ever the optimists, we would say not.

In fact we’re very much of the opinion that you can be grilling your burgers on the BBQ all year round.

So, to make it plain there is no reason to wait for June to get cooking outside, here’s our survival guide to early season BBQs.

Use the heat

Unless you’re actually trying to use up more energy than a Jumbo Jet on a transatlantic flight, a patio heater is not an option for most of us. Huddle around your barbeque for warmth; frostbite can be easily kept at bay with a swift rub of the hands and warming over the coals. Plenty of fuel and lots of fatty sausages will mean your flames are licking up in all directions; only be careful if you’ve set up a gazebo or other such structure.

Pop Up Gazebos

Wind, rain, hail. It’s all in an English summer’s day, so why does it put you off at this time of year? But if the thought of flipping burgers with one hand and holding an umbrella with the other leaves you cold, a  pop up gazebo is the perfect solution. It will keep the rain off your BBQ as you cook and mean your guests and their buns stay warm and dry all day. Just make sure it’s tied down well with some corkscrew groundstakes in case the wind gets up.


Dish out snuggle blankets to everyone and they’ll stay cozy despite the nip in the air. It’s also worth thinking about offering hot drinks - warmed cider for example.

There’s no doubt that a BBQ in March takes a little bit more willing and effort, but it’s worth it and is a great way to usher in the spring. Now, to find some people who are brave enough to come….