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TFH Gazebos supports Stoptober events in London

3rd Oct 2015

We’re no quitters at TFH Gazebos, but we’re helping others to be - quit smoking, that is.

We aided the guys from Public Health England to help sign up smokers for the month-long NHS initiative. Our Stoptober branded gazebo can be seen around Charlton, where teams are encouraging the people of south-east London to give up their habit this October.

The idea is to get smokers to quit for just one month, with the aim of helping them to stay smoke-free thereafter. According to the organisers, if you stop smoking for 28 days you're five times more likely to stop for good.

Charities often get a lot of use from branded gazebos as they are a great focal point for an event or campaign. Branded gazebos grab people’s attention and help make your team members look a lot more serious about what they’re doing. They can be positioned at festivals and fairs, or simply placed in a good spot by a supermarket or in a pedestrian zone.

We've previously produced branded gazebos for the likes of Macmillan Cancer Support, British Heart Foundation and Cats Protection.

This Stoptober gazebo is bright, colourful and loaded with lots of contact information. For example, we've got social media details printed on the sides so even those who don't stop to talk can find out more about the initiative online.

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