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Tips for creating the perfect Santa’s Grotto

29th Sep 2017

Are you running a Christmas Santa's Grotto this year? With hundreds of grotto's now appearing across the UK, it is essential to put on a good show to attract as many visitors as possible. Here are some top tips to ensure your festive event runs like clockwork.

A great gift

One of the easiest things to do is make sure that you give a great toy as your gift from Santa. Whether you charge £10 for your grotto or £2, it’s important to give a gift that represents value for money. There are plenty of suppliers that you can source ready wrapped grotto toys from to suit all budgets. However, you might want to try something different, perhaps have a toy area or room, and then buy a range of toys to suit both younger and older children, and Santa could give them a token to exchange for their present, allowing the process to run smoothly. Parents will be more likely to bring their children back the following year if they are happy with the gifts they receive.

Adding value

It’s important to hold other activities for the children to do along with visiting Santa. A workshop space for painting and decorating Christmas ornaments or stockings is perfect for both children and parents to enjoy whilst they are waiting to see Santa – much nicer than standing in a long queue! You can even encourage your staff to dress up as elves and lend a helping hand.

Take bookings in advance

To ensure that your grotto runs effectively, it’s crucial to have a schedule where children and parents can pre-book slots to visit Santa. Think about how long each child will spend with Santa, allocate enough time for each child, and then ask them to arrive 10-15 minutes beforehand. Also allow for possible group bookings and double check the maximum number of children that can fit into your grotto at any one time. Once your schedule has been drawn up, you can start selling tickets.

Advertising is key

As soon as you have your Santa's Grotto date set, tell everyone, and ask them to tell everyone! In addition to the usual advertising channels, don’t forget your local newspapers and radio stations, as they love to publicise local events. Remember to do this initially several weeks or even months ahead so your event is listed in their events directory, and again nearer the time to get the event publicised.


Finally, make sure your grotto looks as magical as possible. With the right decorations and a little imagination, you can transform almost any space. Or you could take a little stress out of the planning with our pop up Santa’s Grotto; a wonderful design with a snow-covered slate roof, external log cabin walls and decorated inside with fairy lights, Christmas presents, a roaring fire, stockings and a Christmas tree. A stunning focal point for any festive occasion, that pops up in less than 10 minutes!

Globe lights and Gazebo Heaters can be added if the grotto is being used outside, to ensure your visitors stay warm and cosy.

For more information and advice about choosing the right Santa’s Grotto for you,  contact us today or browse our website.