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Why Your Business Needs a Printed Gazebo

1st Aug 2016

Anyone who works in the market stall business, attends trade shows or even takes part in events will understand that it can be difficult to compete whilst surrounded by an array of other company stands. Whether you’re a huge corporate business sponsoring and hosting a large outdoor event, a small charity holding a stall at a local community fair or a school or university looking to liven up your open days and sports days, TFH Gazebos have the answers.

One of the best ways to get noticed is by popping up a printed gazebo. This is a quick and simple solution that will ensure you grab the attention of customers and passers-by. We’ve put together a list of the top five reasons why your business needs a printed gazebo:

Stand out from the crowd

Having a professionally printed pop-up gazebo can really help you stand out amongst your competitors. From general logo and company name branding to all-over fully printed artwork on vibrantly coloured roof canopies, sidewalls and shelters, gazebo printing can come in all shapes and sizes.

The more effort you put into presentation and creating a professional set up, the more you will stand out and attract potential customers. With so many customisation options you can create unique set ups that ensure a great first impression.

Look professional

Attending events with a cover that’s looking a little worse for wear, shabby and in need of a bit of love isn’t great for making those good first impressions. You want to give customers confidence in your business and services or products by having an eye-catching, professional-looking stall.

Printed gazebos use the latest printing technology on high-quality materials to create the best results. This goes for all products, including pop-up gazebos, mini marquees and instant shelters. With a printed gazebo your business will look professional and allow customers to focus on your products and services.

Be memorable

Be remembered for all the right reasons at an event with a professionally printed gazebo. If your stall looks great and is eye catching, customers will remember you over your competitors. Customers will recognise your branding and logo if it’s printed on the sides or roof of your gazebo, associate it with high quality and will be more likely to remember you in future when they’re racking their brains for companies to buy or hire from. You will also become more recognisable at future events, which should help to attract a wider customer base.

Quick and easy advertising

Branding up your gazebo is a quick and easy win. Adding extra text – such as company information and contact details – is a great way to advertise your business at events. Both up close and from afar, event attendees can take down your details, such as web addresses or phone numbers. You can also add a call to action such as ‘buy online’ or ‘phone for a quote’.

Get targeted

If you’re a company that attends multiple events a year that require a gazebo, marquee or shelter, you might want to think about buying multiple gazebos. This is particularly great for businesses who work niche or seasonal events. If you’re a large company sponsoring a football match, consider getting a professionally printed marquee especially targeted to the event. If you’re a business that plays on seasonality, brand up a gazebo for each season or get even more targeted with special custom designs for Christmas and Halloween.

Find Out More

When it comes to professionally printed gazebos the possibilities are endless. At TFH Gazebos, we provide a variety of product and printing options to best suit your business and needs. If you’re looking to purchase a printed gazebo, printed marquee, or printed shelter, visit our website or Facebook page to get in contact today.

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