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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Pop Up Gazebo

13th Apr 2016

Choosing the right gazebo can be a tricky decision.

With so many options and price points you can be left confused, but fear not: this handy guide is here to help you make the right choice.

What Is a Pop Up Gazebo and Why Do You Need One?

A pop up gazebo is a collapsible shelter that folds down to a compact, portable size. Also referred to as a frame tent or mini marquee, gazebos come in all different sizes, colours and shapes, usually depending on their purpose.

These handy shelters are great in a variety of weather conditions and are usually very easy to transport, with some even fitting in the boot of a car.

So why on earth might you need one? Well, pop up gazebos can be used for a whole number of functions, including commercial trade shows, market stalls and catering events, but they’re also great for camping and garden parties.

If you’re planning any outdoor event, particularly in the UK, gazebos are a great way to ensure there is a dry, warm, bug-free place on hand.

What Do You Need to Consider When Buying?

Before purchasing, there a few things you’ll want to consider. Go through the checklist below to help you decide.

Purpose - What will you be using your gazebo for? Will it be for parties in your garden or do you need it for work, such as for an upcoming trade show? Local fetes, market stalls, exhibition stands, summer BBQs, camping and outdoor events are all other examples of why you might need a pop up gazebo.

Frequency - How often do you intend to use your pop up gazebo? Will it be for seasonal or occasional use or do you need the tent as a permanent structure? This is also a good time to consider how often you will be putting the gazebo up and taking it down. Some products are easier and quicker to put up or collapse than others, and so this could affect your final decision.

Size - How big do you need the gazebo to be? If it is going to be placed in a specific location, will it fit in the space you have? If the gazebo is going to be used for a specific purpose, such as trade shows or catering events, how many people will you need to be able to fit inside it? Don’t forget to consider the height of the roof and the length and width as well.

Budget - How much money would you like to spend on your gazebo? Do your requirements fit your budget allocation?

Pop Up Gazebo Options

The Standard Gazebo

This is a professional pop up gazebo that is ideal for both commercial and personal use. Take the standard tent to shows, events and fairs or use it for garden parties and BBQs.

The heavy duty, waterproof fabric makes this gazebo perfect for common outdoor conditions including rain and the durable framework ensures it remains sturdy in light to medium wind. Depending on the season or purpose for which it is used, owners can also put up the sidewalls that are included to create a more sheltered area.

The S32 Standard H/D Gazebo

With added strength to the frame, this gazebo is more stable and durable in windier weather than the standard one. The product features the same heavy duty waterproof fabric and removable sidewalls as its counterpart. This gazebo is perfect for shows, events and companies that require it to spend more time outside such as events for the emergency services, market catering or motorsports. The product would also be a great purchase for more serious BBQ fanatics and camping enthusiasts.

The S40 Heavy Duty Gazebo

This is the gazebo to purchase if you intend to use it very regularly. The tent is high-quality, robust and durable and features heavy duty waterproofing. This is a great choice for street traders, market stalls, trade events and outdoor services.

The S50 Commercial Gazebo

Perfect for daily use, this gazebo is the most professional TFH provides. The product’s frame is reinforced to provide extreme strength and durability and built to withstand windy conditions. This is the ideal gazebo for traders, event organisers and services that are intend to use the gazebo regularly outdoors throughout the year. If you’re looking for a gazebo that can really hold its own against the seasons, this one is perfect.

The Compact Gazebo

Find out More

When it comes to gazebos, the possibilities are endless.

At TFH Gazebos, we provide a variety of products to suit your needs.

If you’re looking to purchase a mini marquee or pop up gazebo or need a quote for branding, visit our website or Facebook page or contact us today.