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A Beginner’s Guide to Battling the Great British Weather

31st Oct 2016

The weather in Britain is notoriously unpredictable. Although we are lucky enough to be occasionally graced with glorious warm sunshine and clear skies, this is a rarity and is often interspersed with blustery winds, downpours of rain and even snow showers.

We’ve put together a guide for conquering the great outdoors for all of you who face the elements working outside every day or even for those who just enjoy spending time outside but don’t want to get caught out by the weatherman.

Although all of the British seasons are unpredictable and require a little preparation (or at the very least a spare coat or umbrella), the following tips will help to guide you through the weather conditions you’ll commonly encounter.


Drip, drip, drop, little all-year showers is a more appropriate song for the weather in Britain. With the potential for a sudden downpour always on the cards, it’s important to be prepared.

• Pack wet-weather gear such as umbrellas and waterproof clothing.
• Choose events appropriate to the season; for example, don’t plan an outdoor festival for December or January (the wettest months).
• If you don’t have a choice of dates, consider using equipment such as a gazebo, marquee or outdoor structure to protect you.
• Protect possessions and gear with waterproofs where possible (bin bags, plastic covers, gazebo walls).
• Ensure décor is weather-appropriate and can withstand rain.
• If pitching a tent, gazebo or marquee, choose your site wisely and don’t get stuck in the mud by the end of the event.


Wind can cause plenty of trouble at outdoor events, especially when it reaches high speeds. Although a breeze or light wind is easily conquered, always be prepared if the forecast is for gale-force gusts.

• Pack layers for changing conditions. When the air is still you’ll often find yourself feeling warmer, but as the wind picks up and brings a chill to the air you may need extra layers.
• Avoid planning an outdoor event in high winds.
• If there is no choice of dates, ensure you have a backup plan in case things need to move inside.
• If pitching a tent, gazebo or marquee, you must ensure that the structure is firmly secured to the ground with pegs or weights. No flying gazebos!


When the sun’s out, everything feels good, but warm weather can be surprisingly tricky to prepare for if you are working outdoors or throwing a party. The good news is that it doesn’t take too much to ensure your sunny summer event goes without a hitch.

• Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen available to protect against the rays.
• Pack extras such as hats and sunglasses.
• Consider providing hand-held fans or, if the budget permits, hire or purchase air-conditioning equipment.
• Covers are still necessary in good weather, so bring along your pop-up gazebo or marquee for shade.
• Pack plenty of water to stay hydrated.


Snow does not mean an outdoor event is a write-off. In fact, if you plan accordingly and embrace the colder seasons and weather, snow can bring magic and festivity to the party, making it a memorable and unique experience.

• Wrap up warm with thick coats, scarves and hats; this will ensure you stay nice and insulated and comfortable.
• Pack snow-weather essentials, including blankets and a shovel for emergencies.
• Embrace the snowy scene and decorate your set-up to fit the winter weather theme.
• Bring a flask with hot drinks and soups to keep hydrated and warm.
• As with rain, choose your site wisely and if possible pitch up next to a building for protection, added warmth and access to facilities. 

Whatever the weather, make sure you have fun! 

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