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A Trick or a Treat? Promotional Ideas for Halloween

26th Oct 2017

Seasonal marketing is a fantastic way to keep generating interest in your brand from one holiday to the next. And October is no exception.

Consumer spending in the UK on Halloween continues to rise, with more people buying into the event than ever before. It is now the third most popular festival behind Christmas and Easter, with Mintel forecasting that Britons will spend a record £320m celebrating the spooky occasion this year.

46% of consumers spent money on the event in 2016. More than a third bought sweets and/or chocolates, clearly driven by the ‘trick or treat’ tradition. However, pumpkins, fancy dress items, decorations and cosmetics, are proving just as popular. For Millennials who grew up celebrating Halloween, this nostalgic event provides a good excuse for a party, which businesses should be keen to tap into.

So, even if your company doesn’t have a direct link to this event, Halloween offers a unique opportunity to launch some fun and interesting promotional campaigns. Those keen to celebrate Halloween will be looking for several different activities to do with their family and friends but will also be expecting to see Halloween-themed marketing campaigns across the board. When it comes to seasonal marketing, familiarity is what people crave.

Here are some Halloween promotional ideas you could use to bring the festive fun to your business while appealing to customers at the same time.

Hold a Halloween-themed workshop

Halloween is a time when a lot of people like to get creative. Hosting pumpkin carving, costume-making and face painting activities are great opportunities for retailers to encourage customers to visit them in-store. You can further encourage them to take photos of their works and share on social media, thus creating an additional buzz.

Decorate your space

Never underestimate the power of festive decorations. If you have a space that people can visit, add some spooky themed touches.  Halloween-themed printed gazebosflags, banners and tablecloths are a great way of grabbing people’s attention, drawing them inside or showing off your products in a fun new way.

Offer Halloween-appropriate incentives

Your Halloween promotions are likely to include discounts or other special offers, but it’s worth testing a free gift for every seasonal purchase, something that is low-cost, small and easy to ship or pack with every order. They will lend more credibility to your holiday-themed marketing. If you are looking at in-store incentives, you may wish to hand out branded treats or bags that can be used for trick-or-treating to customers in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

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