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Expert Tips on Standing out at Your Next Trade Show

16th Nov 2016

Expert Tips on Standing out from the Competition at Your Next Trade Show

If you’re lucky enough to host or attend an event in the great outdoors, a pop-up gazebo can be the perfect setup for a garden party, a great way to attract people over at events and an ideal way to protect against any unpredictable weather changes that may occur.

Creating a basic stall or setup is perfectly fit for purpose but if you take the time to go the extra mile and pimp your gazebo with decorations and accessories, you can create an amazing eye-catching scene that will impress at any party or business event.

Be Prepared

For many traders and exhibitors, the trade show really starts long before the day itself. Preparation is key to success. Scope out the competition before you arrive: find out who will be attending and perhaps research the events they’ve attended before. Now you can see what you’re up against and who you would like to network with. This will not only help your business plan its own set-up, but also give you time to email other exhibitors ahead with a friendly hello email and arrange times to meet up.

It’s also important to do a stock check of everything you’re planning to take, get organised and check the condition of your stand to ensure you will look professional and presentable.

Finally, don’t forget to let your customers know you will be attending via your mailing list and social media channels. This will help to build anticipation and hype around the event and hopefully draw people to your stand from the get-go.

Set the Scene Right

If you attend events and trade shows on a regular basis, investing in good-quality displays and equipment is very worthwhile. If you want to be taken seriously and attract consumers in, you need to look the part.

Branded and printed pop-up gazebos and signage, and even videos, are now part of the standard set-up for exhibitors. Just remember not to go overboard by overdressing your stand as this could potentially put visitors off.

Dress Up

Standing out from the crowd doesn’t just depend on your stall set-up; what you wear and how you present yourself can also make a huge difference. Whether you want to go all out and dress in costume or just accessorise with matching branded outfits, clothing can really help to set the tone and grab the attention of passers-by.

Give out Freebies

Corporate goods such as stationery are often unoriginal and boring and only mean attendees end the day with a lifetime supply of branded pens.

Think about your businesses, services, products and, most importantly, target customers before you attend. Ask yourself what those customers would like to receive and what you want to say to them. Once you know the answers to these questions, you can start to think about the best freebies that will help show that you’re unique and make you memorable.

Items such as well-designed printed t-shirts, useful tech products, balloons and even fun products such as sunglasses or gadgets can be really enticing. If you really strike gold, your freebies might attract crowds willing to queue for them.

Consider Stunts

Of course, well-executed stands and memorable freebies will bring visitors in, but if you really want to get creative, stunts can be a fun addition.

Marketing stunts can be surprisingly cheap or even free if your business collaborates with another organisation. Great examples include exhibitors partnering with zoos to bring penguins to their stands or companies collaborating with performers to create flash mobs around the conference centre. These examples create lasting memories and help your business to really stand out.

Prep Your Staff

After you have enticed attendees in with all your fancy tricks of the trade, it’s down to staff to keep them and really create a great lasting impression.

No amount of money, glitz or freebies can outdo well-trained and enthusiastic staff. Unprepared staff could ruin all of your other hard work. Worst of all, if visitors have a bad experience or confrontation, your business’s reputation will be damaged, potentially beyond repair.

Venture out from Your Stand

Last but not least, if you have trained your staff and trust them, let them escape the ties of your trade stand. Venturing out into the crowds and mingling with attendees could help to bring in new customers.

If people aren’t coming directly to you, it’s time to go to them; don’t sit, wait and waste passing opportunities.

For more information on equipment and supplies for your next trade show, including pop-up gazebos, flags and banners,  contact us today.