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Expert Tips on Styling Your Pop-up Marquee

10th Apr 2017

Planning a big party or wedding and wondering how you can style your hire pop-up marquee or gazebo? We’ve put together a list of our expert tips on how to decorate marquees for any event and included all the equipment not to forget.


Laying down  flooring in a pop-up marquee can take the space from being a little rough and ready to fancy and finished. It completely changes the look of the marquee and gives a more polished and professional impression that is perfect for a more formal party or wedding reception.


Most standard pop-up marquees come with four large, blank walls and not much else, but many vendors now offer  window walls that can be attached instead. These are easily zipped together and are great at not only letting much more light into the space but also adding a more modern and unique touch.


Once your pop-up marquee is erected, the area inside can suddenly seem huge and slightly overwhelming. Events such as wedding receptions can be transformed with the addition of basic furniture such as  tables and chairs. These can be surprisingly affordable and, once it’s decorated and set next to a dance floor, your marquee will be set for a party to remember.


Once the sun sets and lights go down, keep the party going with the assistance of some beautiful and atmospheric  lighting. Outdoor lights are perfect for creating ambience and ensures partygoers can continue enjoying the event late into the night, or even into the early morning!


Decoration is key to styling a pop-up marquee. Add tablecloths, candles, flowers and table decorations to lift the space and show your own personality at the table. Want to inject a bit of colour or add décor to the walls while emphasising the height of the marquee? Why not add some patterned or  bespoke printed bunting to really add some flair?

Why not check out how to  style your gazebo for a smaller gathering too? At TFH Gazebos we sell a wide range of gazebos, pop-up marquees and accessories. Get in contact today or browse our stock for more information.