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Five ways pop up gazebos help Bonfire Night go with a bang

5th Nov 2015

Bonfire Nights are exciting events, and a pop up gazebo can be an incredibly useful addition.

Pop up gazebos and other temporary structures are usually a must-have for Guy Fawkes events. Here’s a few ways to put a gazebo to good use.

All eyes are on the fireworks on Bonfire Night, but for the organisers of these events there are lots of things to think about other than just ensuring the evening goes off with a bang

Food stalls
At this time of year, it’s impossible to rely on the weather, which means you need some shelter for catering stalls. Larger events in parks may be able to round up some burger vans, but often a few stalls with hot soup, jacket potatoes and some warming hot cider will keep revellers fed and watered.  Heavy duty gazebos or commercial pop up gazebos would work well as they offer a bit more durability and ruggedness.

Just like sorting the food, as event organisers you need to make sure you can generate as much cash as possible on the night. One way is to sell sparklers, Our  Standard pop-up gazebos are ideal for this sort of task - they come in three sizes, 15 colours and a sturdy steel frame.

Promote local businesses 
Most events are put together locally and often they’re supported by local businesses.  Branded gazebos can mean these firms get a bit of advertising thrown in. If you need some gazebos for the event anyway, it could be a useful sweetener when approaching a local company boss to say that you can easily add some branding and logos to the design. 

Charity stands
Bonfire Nights are organised locally, often with business support, and the cash raised is usually for a good cause. It could be a national charity or a very local concern. Either way, you want to add extra value by encouraging people attending the event to learn more about the charity or charities being helped. A gazebo is ideal as a leaflet station and as a focal point for volunteers to sign up people for extra donations. Our  Stoptober charity printed gazebo is a fine example. 

Garden fireworks

So far we’ve only talked about bigger community events, but for the back garden fireworks display, a pop-up gazebo is the perfect addition. It can keep everyone dry while they watch the spectacle and can be stored away for use throughout the year.

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