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Is Your Gazebo Ready For The Summer?

4th Aug 2017

The summer is probably the key time of the year when you will make the most of your  pop up gazebo, however with the longer days and drier weather conditions, it is also a great opportunity to check that your gazebo is in a good state of repair. While a gazebo does not require a lot of care and maintenance, it is exposed to the elements all day and so does need some basic attention which will ultimately help extend the life of your equipment.

Here is our checklist for looking after your pop up gazebo:

• Firstly, we recommend securely fastening your gazebo down once erected with the  tie down kit provided. If the gazebo is to be placed on hard standing we would advise using steel leg weights, sand bags or water weights

• Make sure the covers are completely dry and well aired before packing away

• Fold the covers neatly and store them back in their  carry bags making sure the bags are clean and dry

• You will need to clean your gazebo periodically. Remove any mud and debris off the fabric

• To clean your canopy and walls we recommend a mild solution of warm soapy water. Do not use pressure washers or steam cleaners as this will affect the material and waterproofing

• Check the gazebo framework regularly for damaged brackets, bent roof bars, loose or missing bolts and replace or tighten as necessary. Remember, we stock spare parts for all our pop up gazebos

• We also recommend cleaning the gazebo framework. This is best done by lubricating all moving parts with WD-40 or something similar which will provide a smooth glide for when the gazebo is next used. Be sure to wipe off any excess oil from the framework to avoid staining the fabric

• Remove the canopy from the frame after every use to avoid catching or nicking the fabric in the framework

• Finally, don’t forget to store your pop up gazebo in a dry environment. This will prevent the fabric from getting damp and allowing mould to form. Damp and dark storage conditions can easily decay the gazebo covers.

You can always replace any covers that look old and tired to keep your pop up gazebo looking new and fresh - without the need to buy a frame – just  contact us today for a quote. We can also provide spare parts for every gazebo we sell, giving you full peace of mind.