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Top Five Gazebo Accessories for Traders and Businesses

21st Apr 2017

Having a job that requires you to work outside much of the time can take its toll but having the protection of a pop-up gazebo year-round makes outdoor work so much more enjoyable, especially if you invest in some great-quality gazebo parts and accessories.

We’ve put together a list of our top five gazebo accessories that will help to turn your stall or trade stand into the perfect environment. Check out the best products below.


Fill these bags with sand or gravel to give added stability to your pop-up gazebo. Once filled, these can add up to 13–15kg, ensuring that your marquee or gazebo remains secure when you are not able to hold it down using stakes.

Gazebo and Parasol Heater

Particularly useful throughout the autumn and winter, a gazebo heater will provide immediate heat to keep you and your customers warm. These heaters are extremely versatile and can also be used on virtually any parasol, marquee or pole, making them easy to transport and use for any event.

Globe Lights

If your business is used to working into the night at events such as weddings, festivals or markets, lighting is an essential for your pop-up gazebo. Like the heaters, globe lighting can be used in all sorts of settings, including marquees, parasols and even garden furniture. Globe lights are quick to set up and easy to plug in, ensuring you spend your time on the event itself rather than setting up.

Gazebo and Marquee Flooring

Made with a breathable fabric that ensures you won’t damage any underlying grass, Weavetex flooring is perfect for more formal events, trade shows or even camping. The close weave allows air to circulate whilst keeping out any insects or creepy crawlies that you don’t want inside.

Rain Gutters

We Brits are used to unpredictable weather, and it’s important to ensure your business is prepared if you’re working in the great outdoors. Rain gutters will not only keep the rain out but will also prevent any leaks that might seep through gaps in joins, especially if you use multiple pop-up gazebos. The perfect solution to keep you dry! Looking for more gazebo parts and accessories? Find the rest of our product range  here to find out more and purchase.